Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Z&H 57th Street Update

Work moves forward on the 57th Street space, progress continues. Our info is in the hands of City Hall and we wait for the well-oiled wheels of our City bureaucracy to turn in the efficient manner that we all know so well.

As many of you know, we have, for the most part, self-financed Z&H up to this point. It has been creatively rewarding and challenging, but it has given us the ability to craft a business built around the idea of quality, value, long-term success. As we close in on the opening date of the 57th location we have looked at the idea of bringing aboard a few investors that would be interested in coming along on our adventure. Hyde Park is the community we choose to live and work in and we know our neighbors value of the worth of quality neighborhood businesses, a goal we work toward achieving each day at Z&H. Something that people often overlook when they visit us at the MarketCafe, is that we currently employ 15 people (10 full-time) and will employ more than 30 people when we open on 57th Street.

If an interest-bearing investment in Z&H is something you would like to know more about please contact Sam or Tim at the MarketCafe, or send us an email at

Finally, the long anticipated 'Marty' Shirts will be arriving soon. We sold out of the 'Pig on a Pretzel' shirts quickly and we think the 'Marty' shirts are even better. Remember, .1.21 gigawatts of deliciousness is the right amount of deliciousness.