Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Demo Done

Today the last piles of plaster dust were consigned to the dumpsters of time....melodramatic? Yes. The naked space looks fantastic. As fantastic as a 1750 square foot, backward C shaped space with 15 foot high ceilings can look (photos will be posted once we download them out of the camera). The next step is to get the city permit posted in the front window so construction work can begin. The architect (who is great) and Ziggy, our contractor (who has always been great, and is nearly like family) are hard at work acquiring the permit. So at this stage everything is falling into place. We have found an excellent solution for the ceiling. We have decided on the floor, we just need to select the tile colors. The aesthetics of our MarketCafe are fixed and will be a departure for Hyde Park. I think our customers and neighbors will be happily shocked as how nice the space is going to turn out.