Thursday, July 10, 2008

nail biting time, but not really

We have our rough-in electrical inspection scheduled on Friday between 8:30-3 (yes, the City is just like the cable company in some ways). Our electrical work is a thing of beauty, and this should be no big deal. We are expecting an email from the city tomorrow about the plumbing rough-in inspection. The only thing more beautiful than our electrical work is our plumbing work. We should really give tours. closer and closer...

Also, watch this space for the first post from our Z&H Dietitian soon. Rebecca Stevens is a food and nutrition expert who has always surprised us with her practical insight into a healthy diet and how food can be a fun and sensible part of all of our lives. I learn something from Rebecca each time I talk with her, which cannot be said for most conversations. We are excited for everyone to meet Rebecca once we are open. We think she is cool, and know you will as well.