Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Details, and more details

Two of the doors went up today, more of our marble front window ledge was installed (a nice detail that was a late addition, but will make a nice impact to the storefront), and more finish work on the front window wall was under way today. We ware please that our crew is so detailed focused, but it would be great to be open. We move forward in all areas of the finish work these days. The thousand details (literally thousands of details) are an interesting challenge to juggle among the four of us, but after we open the doors we will laugh, right? Oh, and we replaced two of the old front windows, they each had cracks and one of them had been patched (yes, apparently you can patch a plate glass window. It does not not look so great but...) the new windows looks much better and give the store a more professional look. The electrician was in today.... could keep going but I will stop. Wait until you taste our new recipe for orzo salad.