Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday update

It has been a great week, being open, meeting new friends, and finally sharing what we have been talking about for such a long time. Our hours are 7-7 Monday through Saturday and 11-7 on Sundays. We continue to have new products arrive and are excited by the excellent recomendation we have received so far, we have even brought in more than a handful of the great items that our customers have shared with us. Please keep letting us know your thoughts. We can only be as good as you all allow to be. We continue to refine our processes and the Z&H experience will only get better. We have a terrific staff that understands the idea of true service and will grow as a team before your eyes. We are very happy with our cheese selection. We have over 70 cheeses now and invite you to taste them with us. We have many outstanding items, but please make sure you take a look a our packaged, bulk line of nuts and dried fruits, they are top-notch. We hope to see everyone at the MarketCafe.

Don't forget, the last 45th & Cottage Gove community market is next Sunday, we hope to see you at our stall there as well (Myra and Adam will take good care of you). Thanks and have a great day.