Monday, June 21, 2010


If you happen to pass by the new Z&H space on 57th Street you will be hard-pressed not to notice the entire facade in now plywood. Lots of plywood. We removed the old, outdated, and generally sad storefront over the weekend and are waiting for the installation of the new storefront. We continue to move forward on all fronts, as with any project there are always surprises, and we have had our share. As we move closer to opening day we will let you all know our progress.

We will be having a 'soft' opening initially, which means that we will just unlock the door one day and not have balloons and people dressed as huge sandwiches and cups of coffee (in foam suits, don't think we have not contemplated this). More information to come.

Finally, the 'Marty' sandwich shirts are available for purchase. We love them, there is just something wonderful about an eggplant, a DeLorean, and a guy in a puffy vest.