Thursday, January 3, 2008

The search ends....the construction process begins

We signed the lease for the 1126 East 47th Street space on December 20th, 2007. The sweet, sweet, music of the pen on paper brought a nearly year long process to an end. Living in the neighborhood, we love the Bronzeville/Grand Boulevard/Kenwood area, but the lack of suitable retail space has been a challenge. We are excited with our location and the opportunities to serve our community with a level of service and quality that will be a refreshing surprise. This blog will serve as a place where you can check on our progress and hopefully share with us ideas that you may have for a specialty neighborhood grocery that we sincerely hope becomes a place that our neighbors view as their place. We put up the paper on the windows today and the 'coming soon' signs should go up tomorrow. Lots to do, progress makes us smile.