Friday, September 12, 2008


We have ice. And all our equipment is humming. We are happy. Intelligentsia is coming next Tuesday to fine tune the La Marzocco, the Clover and the Fetco. They are a great group of folks and we are pleased to be able to work with them. Best of all we are just days away from fantastic coffee. We have also called for our final electrical and plumbing inspections, these will allow us to have our health and other last inspections. light at the end of our tunnel. We have our first employee orientation on Monday as well, if you know anyone who loves food and the idea of providing great service please steer them our way, we are still looking for a couple of people we would like to spend our days with surrounded by glorious food.

We are going to have a few new items with us at this weeks Community Market (Sundays, 45th and Cottage Grove, 10AM-3PM), including a couple of new cheeses, featuring a regional, bourbon-soaked leaf-wrapped goat cheese that is delicious.