Thursday, September 11, 2008

A simple Thursday in September on 47th Street

Some days are better than other, even if every day is a fantastic day. Think how lucky each of us is in our own way (go on, think about it). Today we had a great day. ComEd arrived unannounced at about 9:30AM with hard-hats in hand (lift truck as well) to connect our lines to the pole. Yes there is a Santa and a tooth fairy and a small man no bigger than 3 inches tall that lives in your top drawer. Our electrician will come on Friday to switch our electric from the puny service we now have to the robust service our equipment requires. Tomorrow we make ice (as a famous person once said, "the man who invented ice just left the building"). In a timing miracle, our plumbing was also finished today. 

Lots of work on our product mix in recent days. We continue to fine tune. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by in reent days, we want to emphasis that your continued input now and as we move forward is a valuable resource for us. Please continue to let us know what you are seeking for your community market.