Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling. I have nothing clever to say about our ceiling

With the City not cooperating at this point we are doing what we can, without breaking any rules. The natural order of a traditional build-out has been interrupted. So....the installation of the ceiling grid will begin this week. As we are in a very old retail space, we have 13 foot ceilings (even accounting for the mechanicals of the apartment above our space), to permit access to the mechanicals, we are going to use the newest generation of ceiling. Interestingly, even as it is a new form of an established technology, the appearance of the ceiling will be traditional. The entire space will be a mix of the modern and the traditional. Also, Sam was bravely installing insulation today over the old clerestory panels above the window runs. It would be nice to restore those clerestory panels back to windows when we replace the windows down the road. As it is now, the light in the space is great. Staying positive, progress, is in fact, progress.