Sunday, June 1, 2008

Food for thought. Literally.

So, I posted over on the 'Hyde Park Progress' blog, and in the post was this comment, "Eating quality food is not a function of income, it is a function of food education. Also, many people do not know how to cook from ingredients (or don't think they have the time), or understand how delicious food prepared from scratch actually is."

I did not see this as a hot-button comment, only a topic that is dear to our hearts at Z&H, and an area where we think we can make a difference locally. Food education is a topic that is among the core of our mission. We have a project (that we may actually move up in our time-line, now that we see how important this topic is) that we are committed to fulfilling. As we get closer to our opening date, and getting more of the mundane opening work behind us, we will share more details. More on the build-out status by midweek.