Friday, May 2, 2008

HVAC and Duct Work

An interesting piece of trivia, one of the few things duct tape is not good for is taping and sealing duct work. We have been graced by the presence of our HVAC guy, and we will be moving forward on that important work this coming Tuesday. We have to rotate the entire HVAC unit (oddly, the people who originally installed it have it in such a way as not to be accessible for service. Strange.) and we will install actual fixed duck work (as opposed to what was in the space, that horrible flexible duct). It is clear to us now that our goal of opening in May will be foiled. The City has conspired to delay us with the many layer of bureaucracy that are seemingly impossible to move through in an efficiant manner. These delay snowball into affecting the scheduling of contractors and then the timeline is shot. We are targeting sometime in June now, the planning that has gone into Z&H will be reflected by the MarketCafe you will experience. It will exceed your expectations. You have our pledge.