Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheese: Old favorites, New favorites

One of our 'old favorites' is the peerless Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Upland Cheese in Dodgeville, WI. An artisanal cheese crafted from unpasteurized milk from their own Wisconsin cows, fed and raised using traditional practices This cheese is made only from early spring through fall.The sweet flavors of the pasture are detectable in every bite of Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

One of our new favorites is Rush Creek Reserve also from Upland Cheese. They have made just one cheese for the last 10 years, Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Now This. With a chalky beige rind, Rush Creek Reserve has a rich, slightly grassy aroma and a mild flavor that hints of smoke and pork. A washed-rind cheese, it is wrapped with a strip of the same spruce bark. It is made from evening milk that was not pasteurized (it is aged for at least 60 days). Aging this style of cheese for so long is tricky, but worth the effort. A great ay to enjoy this cheese is to remove the top of the rind and scoop the cheese with a baguette.

Old and new, both wonderful.