Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A bridge from east to west

Lots of activity today. Some movement from the City. We are hoping for the good news we have been patiently waiting for for 16 weeks from the City this week. But, time does not stop, and in fact it seems to move faster each day. We actually put up a bridge today in the space. Let me explain, there is a point in the space where the east and west wall close together to about 12 feet. This is where we had to build a bridge from the east side of the space to the west side of the space, in order to support the ceiling across that expanse. It is also where the ceiling drops from 13 feet to 10 feet in height. Additionally, we 'turned' some water pipes today; we a have very nice window on the west wall, strangely it is about ten feet off the ground, and we did not want to bury behind drywall (as it was when we took over the space). It will add some very good natural light. So, as you see, there was a flury of activity today, now to keep up the pace moving forward.