Friday, June 27, 2008

Z&H Shopping Bags

Sure we have made plenty of (belated, if you want to know my feelings, but that is a different post) of progress this week. As of this writing the entire front portion of the floor is in, the floor directly in front of our 16 feet of deli cases is in, and the nicest bathroom floor in Kenwood has also been laid.

But the real story is that our Z&H reusable shopping bags arrived. They are red (we think they actually lean towards color of the finest Hungarian paprika ever grown, which is unfortunately no longer cultivated - another interesting story to touch on later), and they are very cool. As cool as a very nice fabric shopping bag can be. We donated a case of them to the QCDC for use in relation to the new Farmers Market on Cottage at 45th (10AM-3PM on Sundays), not sure how they will deploy them but keep a weather eye out for them. They will also be available in the MarketCafe once we are open. It is easy to be Green (and Red).